Real Life can be a real sidetrack on Second Life, can’t it? If anyone has a thinkpiece on “How to best cover your tail when your RL goes into a tailspin of unproductively” let me know, I’d love to read and publish that!

I wanted to give everyone an update as I am getting my feet back under me. The last 6 weeks were spent dealing with family matters across state lines. I won’t bring down everyone with details – that’s not what this blog is about – but there was a death and some all-nighter driving involved. We are fine, we are coping and while my RL responsibilities are still mostly in shambles I thought it best to update my Second Life community as well, especially given the number of messages I’ve received asking after me and future pieces. I have several things in mind – interviews and articles. The blog is always the best place to reach me, but I will be cautiously resuming my other methods of communication as well.

I look forward to hearing about your own trailblazing and getting updated on this exciting community. Time to scour the Blogging Elf for the newest We <3 RP fun and get back to sneaking through the RP sphere for new worlds to update you all on.

Hearts and Hugs to you all. Until next time, may your Grid be Peaceful and your RP Epic,

– The Trailblazer

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Written by RP Trail