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Ashenborne – Fae Wilds by Aly Evanier

[Update: as of 6/27 Ashenborne was announced as closing. More information at the bottom]

A stunning two full estate sims form Ashenborne’s amazing roleplay playground. I invited some friends of the RP Trail out to take some photos and an entire gallery came back from the experience. This post is less a sim Snapshot and more of a scrapbook – but I had too much of a hard time choosing to narrow it down further. And with two full estate sims to photograph, it is no wonder. (Full Gallery Below)

Ashenborne – Bay and Building by Aly Evanier

What is Ashenborne?

Ashenborne is a land where gods and mortals alike shape the fate of the world. The premise is a traditional medieval-fantasy with some twists on creation stories, bringing the gods of Ashenborne and the player into a personal connection.

The typical Guilds are changed to – becoming Unions that members contribute to to earn their good name. Players can join multiple unions, roleplaying with freedom in order to achieve their goals. Race groups are also available, offering extra roleplay for a wide number of race types.

Photo taken by Aly Evanier for

Ashenborne – Mountainside Village by Aly Evanier

First Impressions

Obviously, Ashenborne is a stunning pair of sims. The photo galleries will attest to that by themselves. Despite the amount of foliage, it is fairly easy to navigate – though not always obvious to know where you are going, which provides some realism and a lot of interest. It would take days to track down every roleplay space, and even then you might be missing out on a number of hidden gems. It may be overwhelming at first, though, so an observer tag or an IC tour may be a good idea.

The website is good, featuring a lot of information without an overload. Some of the pages are still in the works, so be advised – if you find a blank page, go in world to the welcome area and ask a mentor for help.

Ashenborne – Mountain Statue by Aly Evanier

Additionally, this sim is one of the first I have seen to feature a Sim Experience. It is through this experience that the Ashenborne HUD works – attaching whenever you come on sim, and disappearing when you leave. The HUD tracks your points, your dice rolls, XP, and a whole lot more. I was very impressed to see this system in place and look forward to seeing how it does long term, and if more sims move to adopt it.

Players can also expect to accumulate levels and XP via submitting logged Roleplays, which always delights me. Sim Events, Quests, personal RPs, and union RPs are all counted separately and XP is doled out weekly to gain levels. Time on sim does count towards XP – but only one hour a week, to prevent camping.

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to seeing what is coming in Ashenborne. It is an ambitious undertaking, but it seems to be getting off the ground very well.

If you want to check out Ashenborne, take this taxi inworld or check out their website. Or look below for the full gallery of photos!

Until next time, May your grid be peaceful and your RP Epic.

– The Trailblazer

UPDATE: Ashenborne is Closed, announced as of 6/27 by Solas and EnKay. The second sim – Wayward Peaks – is announced to be under construction as a new sim. See the group The Chronicles of Skyward for more information.

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Gallery provided by Aly Evanier (Flickr) – Click for Full Size Photos.

Written by RP Trail

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