The Last Sunrise in Stonehelm, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

The Last Sunrise in Stonehelm, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

What follows are the final roleplays and pictures given to to say farewell to the Realm of Estara, since other avenues were not available to them. Every RP is individually created as a character exit and contains references to possible endings of Estara itself as a Realm, as imagined by the players involved and take place after the closing RP done by the owner.

Until next time, may your Grid be Peaceful and your RP Epic,

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Farewell Estara_026

Qu’eller d’Renor Falls, by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

Vedaust lu’aluvel – a farewell RP by Kalan’Dorl

Kalan stared at the empty thrones.. his eyes had lost that playful glint.. Looking down at his left hand where he was holding his necklace. The blue stone had turned pale earlier that day. Kalan wasn’t sure why it had happened, why now? A few days earlier his Matron and the other nobles of the house had decided that this place had turned to a lost cause for them.. rarely any Drow ever wandered to this corner of Faerun. Why would they? it was mostly surrounded by water and this part of the underdark was far from any Drow city.

He clenched his fist around his necklace as he leaned down to grab his blades and his backpack, slinging them over his shoulder. Moving out through the main entrance he’d stop right in front lake that bad been etched into existence by Akoraes magic. Kalan stared at the water, it’s depth murky and dark.. sometimes. if you’d stare long enough… you would be able to spot movement under the waves, dark and merciless creatures that had inhabited the underground lake. Kalan shrugged as he raised his hand, tossing the necklace into the lake, it almost immediately disappeared under the surface at it hit the water..He looked at the water for a little while longer..

The others had moved to the tunnels already, he’d surely catch up to the Matron on top of the huge lizard, surrounded by her priestesses and numerous guards. They had set for Ust Natha, which would be a long journey but hopefully a fruitful one.

As he moved back into the main hall he put his hand up against one of the pillars, his eyes going over it’s detailed ornaments and intricate carvings. “It’s been a delight as long as it lasted..” he mumbles in the Drow tongue before making his way to the top floor, which held the entrance to the underdark. As he walks up to the door to the tunnels he stops to look back at the empty halls… a little sigh coming as he turned and closed door behind him.



Kalan’doril by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

Farewell Estara_028

Qu’eller d’Renor escape to the Mines, by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)


Theo & Sasurai’s Goodbye

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) walks through the snow in the direction of the temple with a sad smile on his face and glint in his eyes, he couldn’t seem to force himself to go to Stonehelm and instead wanted to go to the quiet of the consecrated ground on the hill. He sees Sasurai and smiles warmly at her, “Hello Lady Sasurai, how are you doing today?” He sees her rapier and grins a bit, she was looking more like a warrior by the day, he seemed to look proud at this and if allowed he would try to pat her on the shoulder softly.

Sasurai Zhangsun would nod to Theo smiling sadly as she looked at him “I fear my work in these lands is at an end….I hope that in the end I will be remembered in some way by the people as one who tried to help.” she would say smiling a little at the hand to her shoulder as she moved a hand of her own to rest on top of it giving him a gentle squeeze. “Thank you for your kindess, without friends like you I would have never made it through these years here….” She would look at the chipped stone of the fountain getting a thought it seemed as the holy aura around her seemed more intense now her body glowing slightly as she looked up at Theo.

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) looked saddened by this and would move closer to stand in front of Sasurai as she squeezes his hand in reply. He would say with a slightly choked up voice “This land and then people here will always remember you Sasurai, i will never forget the good you have done for me and others around you.” He nods appreciatively at her kind words and he could feel the strange sense of calm radiating from her. If allowed he would take her hands in his, saying as he did so with a tinge of worry in his voice, “This light…are you …changing?” He saw something like when Olivia became Celestial, maybe it was nothing but if she was changing he felt he had to ask.

Sasurai Zhangsun would smile at the question she did seem different. Less afraid even happy almost. “I do not know but it could be….” she opened a pouch showing the contents of a smashed stone to Theo “Agatha is gone….she left with little word but I feel her still….we shared a link and while without her I can not do what….there are things now I see somehow more clearly….I can not stay any longer though I must continue my pilgrimage and quest for enlightenment…..I could have never done this without what I learned in these lands….I wish…to at least leave something behind…” she would say seeming as if she had forgotten Theo was there even though she was looking right at him. She slowly turned and stepped onto the thin ice not cracking it as she poured the pouch of stone powder into the top of the fountain “one last spell….something to hold on to.” she would say smiling although there were tears in her eyes. The priestesses body would glow brilliantly as the air around her seemed to sing out although her lips never moved.

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) nod slowly to her answer, looking into the bag at the destroyed stone he looked surprised and even more so at her words “Oh i see…” He sighs a bit but nods all the same “I was considering to go traveling again, spend some time out in the wilderness like i did before coming here.” He sounded conflicted, though as she pours the powdered stone into the water and began channeling he stares a moment “One for the road then, something to remember this place by.”

Sasurai Zhangsun would smile at Theo’s words turning and nodding “I…if this land stands….I want something to come back to…..something special” she would say softly as she bowed her head letting out a single chant “Mm…Ohmmmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmmm” As she spoke a sphere of glowing light spread around her and the fountain as the water started to glow. She would look up at the sky as the glowing globe would start to pulse words in a elvish and celestial language flowing about her as she chanted. The spell seemed to take all of her energy but as she slowly let go of the stone and walked away the light remained for some time a soft song ringing out that those who felt at home in this land may hear. “The elves scrolls….they were very in depth about lightwells….this will feed itself by the light of the moon….on the full moon it could glow if those who care for one another are close.” she would say smiling

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) nods to her words, wanting to see what she was trying to cast and gave a wide smile at the sight. He sees the globe form and closes his eyes a moment to take in the elvish and celestial music that sang through his eardrums and into his mind. He could see that the spell took much out of her, watching the fountain glow and the stones tiny bits of power dissipate he just…stares a moment at the light she created. He would walk over to her and, if she allowed, take her hand in his. If he gets this far he would focus on her hand and pulse out his inner arcane energy into her, letting her absorb what magic he has so she might recover her strength.

Sasurai Zhangsun would sigh softly as she felt a little weak but Theo’s hand and the energy he gave her helped a lot as she would smile. the holy aura dieing down to a flicker as she would nod shutting her eyes for a moment as she stopped her chant the music still there softly if one focused enough to hear it. Energy danced over her wings as they started to shift the glow dieing down as she would smile

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) held her hand softly as she takes in the energy, not wanting to let go quite yet since he might not see her for a long time. He hears the whisperings of singing and looks to Sasurai with a beaming grin. If allowed he would give her a biiiiig hug, pulling her off her feet and spinning the priestess a few times before putting her down on her feet. Though he would try to hold the hug, saying with a very chocked up voice and trying not to cry “Keep in touch OK? I can send word through scrying and send letters and…and..” He sniffs a little, he tried to be adult about this but he just couldn’t hold it in!

Sasurai Zhangsun would let out a squeak as she was picked up hugging him back and giving a laugh. She would nod as she was set back down her wings starting to grey as she looked at him “I will keep in touch of course. This is not goodbye just….till next time.” she would say to the man smiling

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) smiles at her hugs and breaks it to wipe a tear from his eye, looking to her wings greying he nods to with approval at her reply “Good! Because you are proof to me that this world is worth fighting for, if there are good people like you out there then i will never give up the fight.” And it was true, Sasurai and many others were the ones that kept him on the path of light, he stumbled and fell at times but they pulled him up and helped him through his troubles. He then would ask with hesitation in his voice “Can we…leave this land together? We will have to part ways at some point but..i want this to last.”

Sasurai Zhangsun would smile “I could use a walk anyway and have no real set path. Some company would be nice for a while on the road.” she would say smiling. “I have my things ready now” She would gesture to her staff a bundle tied to it that had the few personal items she planned to take with her. Making her last entry in the healers log book she left it in the temple under a stone in the floor planning to come back one day for it. She would nod smiling

Theodore Roth (rikuthemoon) grins as she agrees with him, looking at her bundle of things she would note he had nothing with him “I will leave everything here, the path of the monk is one of poverty you see.” He would hold a hand out for her, saying with a soft tone “Well then my dear angel Sasurai, lets go see what this world has planned for us, hmm?” If she takes his hand he would start to pull her into a run, only she and him would feel the magic had pass through as he tries to enchant her feet to run double the speed she can run naturally. If this chapter ends here then its only right to go out with a bang?

Sasurai Zhangsun would nod feeling the energy flow into her as she started to run holding onto his hand as she ended up flying behind him like a kite as he ran forwards although she did not seem to mind.

Farewell Estara_004

The Winter Fountain, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

Sasurai & the Divines Say Goodbye

Rayne A’laermith had felt something shift, and her violet hues had kept glancing past things like she was trying to see something. Sadly she couldn’t figure out what was happening but it was time. Her sister was safe, her son put back to the pack where he belonged for now. Vatira hopefully moved on, and her supposed daughter that had returned, well Rayne made sure she was looked after once more. Rayne figured it was time to move on, coming up she could feel Sasurai working magic and she would come close watching. She waited before stepping closer, ” So you felt to too didn’t you?”

Izbeth Ementh had felt a change in the Realm, one of great importance, but she couldn’t interpret it…. though it solidified a decision she had been thinking about for a very long time. Long being since the day it was offered about a week ago. She twirled the ring on her finger in slight nervousness as she made her way up to the temple, a familiar path to her, and heard a song. Sighing, she looked around to see the familiar faces, the friends she’d made and the people she met. This would be the last time she’d see any of them unless they happened across her in their travels. “Blessings upon you all…” she said.”

Dinvarr Ul’Tholder moves forward sliding up behind Elisa, and letting his fingers mesh with Elisa’s before looking at the others around him. It’s interesting how catastrophe could bring even the most bitter of enemies together. He’d felt the change, felt the plane slowly begin to drain away into the aether of the universe. It’d been a sensation he’d felt before, but ultimately he’d hoped it would not fall here… his hope had been in vain. He looks over at Elisa and smiles. “We will survive, love. There are other planes, and we will find each other there.”

Remy arrived, flushed face and running briskly, stopping just before he reached Rayne. He watched her for a moment, unmoving and unsure what to say. How could he tell her that now that the shift had come, that the Alarians could no longer remain in the waters, they too would need to move on. He had just met her and was now going to lose her. The crowd was growing and he felt his window to speak to her in private closing. Taking a deep breath, he forced his feet forward and to the small lovely elven girl. He knew it would be a bold move, but so what. It was now or never. he closed his eyes and held his breath as he came from behind her and gently wrapped his arms around her. Tilting his head down he would speak quietly in her ear. “Rayne…can we speak privately? There is something I have to tell you..”


Farewell Estara_011



Akorae Teken’rae sighed softly as she neared the temple. Something had compelled her to leave the shadow of Renor and brave the sunlight, though she could not place just what the feeling was. As she drew closer to the temple Akorae had a sneaking suspicion of just whom it might involve, or at the very least… someone who could explain it. A sound reaching not her ears but seemingly her psyche itself seemed to radiate from the old structure ahead. Something resonant and lilting, a song of sorts that conveyed such warmth, the magnitude of which was rather alien to the old mage. “Oh goodness, what is she up to…?” she huffed as she made her way up the hill, spying her Aasimar friend and those grayed wings – my was that a change. “Well, it looks like the very fabric of the universe or whatever it is that has… shifted… isn’t the only thing that seems to have changed today. I can’t say I approve of the new wing color, and I would advice more caution when cleaning out the iron stove in your infirmary in the future.” She would remark teasingly before pausing, eyes darting between those already gathered. “I trust I’m not interrupting anything of any importance?”

Elisa looked down at the hand wrapped around her own and smiled before looking to the man. She nodded in silent agreement as she shifted the sack on her shoulder. Her eyes glanced around to the familiar faces sh had come to know and love, a soft glowing tear slid down her face. Squeezing the man’s hand slightly she let out a deep sigh, she could feel such great sadness and it almost made her sick.

Sasurai Zhangsun would nod as she looked to Rayne not saying anything for a long time her silver eyes seeming to not focus as she talked “I…have seen it yes….the land….it will no longer give life….our guild Rayne….we …we did good yes? It was worth it to you I hope…..” Tears were slowly falling as she looked at the fountain.

With Rayne next to her the fountain seemed to glow, an elvish chant seeming to echo about as it was reacting to those who were close and were friends. The song would grow stronger the more living beings came close as it would persist for ages if the priestesses spell healed as it should. “All the years that have come to past….and all the years that shall be……I see……I see them before me….the possibilities Rayne…..this is by no means an end…..this may be the beginning of the greatest adventure of all of our lives…..leaving home….finding our way….there are lands out there that need us…..we can not stay idle….as long as we still hold faith….the guild will live on in us.” she would say a hand resting on the guild book that was sitting in front of her as she nodded her head. “All of our work is here….our stories our lives….those that we leave behind…..I want it to last…Even as the land crumbles this place…this should stand.” she would say softly. She did not sound sad….it was hard to read her at this point as she was detached almost as if she were not seeing the world any more something else filling her minds eye.



Farewell Estara_008

Saying Farewell to the Divines Guild, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)



She could feel peoples spirits moving closer. She did not seem them as they used to be though….life was so vulnerable when you could gaze at it naked. Sh smiled as she looked at the well. Hearing Akorae she would laugh softly and nod “Its a change yes…..they will turn white again in time I feel but for now grey….it is both black and white….just as this land shares all shades” She would say softly moving to give Akorae a tight hug if she could the woman’s skin crackling a little with holy energy but it would not harm any one.

Rayne A’laermith went to speak to Sas her words soft but strong, ” You did very well Sasurai, I am lucky to have met you, and lucky you have accepted everything I have done. ” Her smile was bright, ” Everything was worth it, memories there to live on, and stories to pass onto my son, and hopefully soon my grandchildren. They will pass them on and our tales will live on through the generations.” Looking over to the drowess a she entered. Though she was wary she knew this was a safe spot. Then she would hear the gathering of others. It was the temple, newly built and shining in the settling sun, a place of safety and peace, something she herself had disrupted that peace. She’d turn when she heard footsteps come closer in her direction and flush when she felt and arm wrap around her, then another. She’d tilt her head up, seeing Remy her cheeks would turn a darker red and her voice meek but she’d still try to hold her Arch Druid face, ” AH… yes, privately, lead the way.”

Izbeth Ementh felt saddened at Sasurai’s words… and then she looked to see Elisa, who was standing with a man, and she figured they had some sort of something going on. “Aye, we all did good.” she said, looking around. “Those of us who stayed with the guild, and those who may have left for any reason…. But I guess I won’t get to talk to Garth.” she chuckled, then looked to Elisa. “You look well, my friend…. who is your companion?”

Dinvarr Ul’Tholder smiles to Ibeth and says, quietly. “I have been her teacher for several months. I was training her in the ways of combat and discipline… but she is something much more than my student now.” He squeezes her hand before saying. “Would you like to tell the, Elisa?”


Saying Farewell to the Divines Guild, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)



Akorae Teken’rae squeaked softly as she was suddenly embraced by the Aasimar, reciprocating with one of her own though not quite so firmly. “Though we might not have always agreed upon everything, especially recently… You have done well for this realm. I have met no one that has managed to be almost universally loved such as yourself, therefore you must have done something good for someone.” she remarked, rolling her eyes a little at her friend though her expression soon grew more… serious one could say. “Now, what’s this about… the land no longer giving life?”

Elisa looked up to Izbeth and then glanced around to the others. “H-he is….Well I mean….” She swallowed feeling rather nervous, the first time she was going to admit it to anyone other than Dinvarr. “I am with child…” She gave a weak smile as she placed the bag by her feet and eyed the dark woman near Sasurai before turning her gaze back to the man beside her and giving him a weak smile.

Sasurai Zhangsun would smile and dry her eyes as she listend to the arch druid nodding “I agree. I will be leaving shortly. It will be a long time till I again see this land. I will treasure all of the time we had together” She would say softly. Thinking for a moment she would sigh as she grinned to Akorae “I guess some brighter colors maybe would be best before I go…this is a happy time after all grey….yes let me show you. Its a sort of glamor” she would grin to the woman proud she had learned the spell almost by accident. She would shut her eyes and sigh softly as her wings flickered almost seeming to light on fire for a moment before her armor seemed to fade and her wings again shifted as she sighed and smiled “Yes…..I think this is how I shall travel.” she would say smiling

Izbeth Ementh gasped in excitement and moved closer to Elisa and the Drow man, smiling. “That’s wonderful news!” she said, though the thought in the back of her mind was that it had horrible timing. “You’ve taught a great student.” though there were implications, they almost flew over her head…. she just wouldn’t mention what she thought. “Congratulations, my dear.

Akorae Teken’rae quirked an eyebrow at Sasurai, watching the more ashen hued wings flutter some, suddenly seeming to blaze uncontrollably, though leaving no injury as the effect faded. “Well, I suppose it might be fun to frighten some simple village folk with the sight of flaming wings in the sky. ” she remarked though she was quick to return to the topic that drew her interest most. “Ah I see… so your leaving is why the land won’t give life? My goodness I never figured you for being quite so self important, but alas one does not decide life or death for so many without developing a god complex for one’s self eventually. I still love you dear.”

Dinvarr Ul’Tholder Nods and smiles to the young woman before looking back at Elisa and planting a soft kiss on her cheek. “It is good news.” He smiles down at Elisa before looking back to Izabeth. “If there is trouble in the crossing, please promise you will help Elisa. I am not from these lands… and I cannot guarantee that I will arrive in the astral realm where you may…” He squeezed Elisa’s hand tightly, knowing that what he said was, indeed, true.

Elisa clenched her jaw slightly, at the drow’s words. She had a sickening feeling deep inside her for a while, she knew there was more to come. She put on a fake look of happiness and turned to Izbeth as she returned the squeeze. “It is indeed good news, nothing could make me happier than to bare children for the man I love.” She blinked a few times, again this was something she had not openly admitted. “Do you know where you will travel Izbeth? I myself was thinking something….a little less cold.” She shivered and pulled her cloak around her. The snow was something she would not miss.

Sasurai Zhangsun would laugh loudly at Akorae’s words “I’m a priestess not a goddess. If I could stop what is coming for this land, Akorae, I would and if I find some way to stop it one day….I will come back. For now though.” She would sigh her aura shifting to one of warmth and calm “I must wander again. I have learned so much from you all here… gave me strength when I needed it so badly. ” she would say giving a happy smile as the jewel on her forehead seemed to shimmer. She would nod to them all “I thank you…everyone for the memories……I hate long goodbyes so I will just say….” she changed to celestial “Till again our paths cross I bless you for all your lives” She would say smiling as she suddenly would lift into the air racing towards the sun as she almost seemed to vanish into it.

Izbeth Ementh held up her hand, showing off the ring. “I have a promise to keep… And I’m going to travel to find him.” she said, though she would continue on with clarification. “Not Garth, though… I fear he is long gone, and is lost to me…” she let out a sigh. “I will go and find Raziel, and travel with him, under his protection and with his company.” she looked up when Sasurai spoke. “Blessings upon you, Sasurai, though I’m sure you don’t need more than you have now.”

Akorae Teken’rae frowned a little at the Aasimar’s reply but nodded slowly – that was no explanation, but something was coming indeed. “Then it is time for me to go as well… there are no doubt preparations to be made. Our paths will cross again. You know where else to find me.” she would remark before her friend took off and dove toward the sky. Sighing Akorae would pivot around and march off – paying little mind to the others as she sauntered back to Renor. There would indeed be preparations to make if they were to leave, and leave Akorae most certainly would. For if Sasurai decided to leave the realm to its fate… then it most assuredly was lost.

Akorae Teken’rae also pokes Kalan quickly and runs away giggling

Dinvarr Ul’Tholder Nods to izabeth before saying. “Where will you go, then? Do you yet know, or will you find yourselves tossed upon the astral sea?” He pulls Elisa closer to his chest, wrapping an arm around her, seeing her shiver. He was worried… very worried… about what might happen to her should he not be able to find her as fast as he hoped.

Elisa looked a bit worried, she wasn’t sure where she would end up. “It is good that you have somewhere to go, I wish you both the best of luck, and to the little Rhogar. Shame he is not here, I was quite fond of that little guy.” She smiled, always loving little animals, even if they weren’t so little. She looked up to the sky and sighed. “It is….it is about that time.” Again a few glowing tears welled up in her eyes. She nuzzled against the man’s chest taking in the feeling, unsure of when she would feel this way again.

Izbeth Ementh she shrugged. “We’ll go where the flow takes us, I guess. It’s how he is, and how I am at this point.” she twirled the ring on her finger. “But if we are separated somehow, I feel we’ll find each other again… As for Rhogar, he’s been traveling with Raziel. I couldn’t stand to see him suffer in Stonehelm any longer.” she looked around, it seemed everyone had left. “If you say it is…”

Dinvarr Ul’Tholder nods. “It is.” He looks at elisa, and can see ehr blanch. “I fear we must go. Elisa looks unwell..” he moves a lock of hair from her face. “are you, my love?”

Elisa shook her head remaining silent for a moment, words caught in her throat. “I…I am fine…I just…really need a drink.” She laughed, it had been over a month since her last alcoholic beverage, for someone who drank like a dwarf that was quite a feat. “I think I will go have one last cup of tea in the tavern before I begin my journey….Ava has gone ahead already. God she was cross with me when I told her we were not staying in Tel,”

Izbeth Ementh nodded. “Tea will do you well enough for your nerves… and any nausea you may have.” she sighed and looked at her friend, then at the Drow. “Treat her well, sir. While she is no delicate flower, she deserves respect.” she meant that seriously, though it probably came out the wrong way. “And may Áine watch over you both.”

Dinvarr Ul’Tholder nods to Izabeth. “And you as well. Safe travels, friend of my love. Be safe on your journeys. May you find a new home soon.” with that, he puts his arm around Elisa and helps lead her away to the inn.


Farewell Estara_003

Saying Farewell to the Divines Guild, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

The Goodbye that Mends a Broken Heart (Remy & Rayne)


Remy Arrived flushed face and running briskly, stopping just before he reached Rayne. He watched her for a moment, unmoving and unsure what to say. How could he tell her that now that the shift had come, that the Alarians could no longer remain in the waters, they too would need to move on. He had just met her and was now going to lose her. The crowd was growing and he felt his window to speak to her in private closing. Taking a deep breath, he forced his feet forward and to the small lovely elven girl.  He knew it would be a bold move, but so what. It was now or never. he closed his eyes and held his breath as he came from behind her and gently wrapped his arms around her. Tilting his head down he would speak quietly in her ear. “Rayne…can we speak privately? There is something I have to tell you..”

Rayne A’laermith (rayne.mirabella) went to speak to Sas her words soft but strong, ” You did very well Sasurai, I am lucky to have meet you and lucky you have accept everything I have done. ” Her smile was bright, ” Everything was worth it, memories there to live on, and stories to pass onto my son, and hopefully soon my grandchildren. They will pass them on and our tales will live on through the generations.” Looking over to the drowess a she entered. Though she was wary she knew this was a safe spot. Then she would hear the gathering of others. It was the temple, newly built and shining in the settling sun, a place of safety and peace, something she herself had disrupted not long ago. She’d turn when she heard footsteps come closer in her direction and flush when she felt an arm wrap around her, then another. She’d tilt her head up, seeing Remy her cheeks would turn a darker red and her voice meek but she’d still try to hold her Arch Druid face, ” AH… yes, privately, lead the way.”

Remy looked nervous, and even moreso than usual. He was pacing back and forth and in deep thought when she reached him, as if mentally practicing what he was going to say to her. “So…I know that you felt it too, the change that is.” He looked up at her, looking nearly heartbroken. He had tried to keep the emotion out of his eyes but it was near impossible. He had never felt this way about anyone before and given his teachings he believed that one mated for life. What if she was his mate and he would never see her again? “The shift has caused the reef around Estara to crumble, making the waters no longer safe for our people. My brother has called a meeting among the Alarians and it has been decided that we are moving on. There is an abandoned land in the southern Islands that is called Cirra’Liel. It is suppose to be a myth, but it is not. But because there is a cloaking device over it, unless you know the way, it is impossible to get there.” Taking a scroll from his side he tapped it lightly against his thigh. ” I know I just met you and this is a little sudden and rash. But if I don’t say it, then I’ll always wonder.” He felt his palms sweat and exhaled deeply, gathering courage. “Will you come with me? I don’t want to lose you.” The air would hang dead between them as he held his breath and waited for her response.

Rayne A’laermith’s eyes watched him pace and move and she neared up behind him. She was caught up with fidgeting her tunic just right… why was she fidgeting……. Blast she hurried up the steps of the gazebo watching him a moment longer. She’d nod to his words, she felt it the entire land felt it and her powers were waning here because of it. Among the several reasons why her things had been packed and ready to move on at a moment’s notice. She would listen to him continue, her ears shifting a bit back and forth.

A shift in her stance when he mentioned leaving, though she wouldn’t be consciously aware of it, her hand came in front to pick at her fingers and twist, a nervous habit. Then his last words hit her, the panic rising in her chest and violet hinted hues widen, “Come…with you?” she repeated unsure if she had heard him right. Lose her…. hands came up to clench over her sternum.

Remy had to steady his hand as he held out the scroll for her. “I don’t expect an answer now. This is a map on how to get to the island. The way isn’t easy and it is far from here on boat. Me and the Alarians are going ahead to make sure that the land is safe and ready for others who wish to follow us. I know it isn’t Estara, but it could be home.” The look of shock on her face made his stomach flip and nearly regret his words, worried her next would be those of rejection.


The Sinking Sun, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

The Sinking Sun, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)


Rayne A’laermith stared at the map in his hand a moment. Argosian’s words echoing in her mind once more, was it alright? Something she questioned the entire time Vatira had tried to court her, could she move on? Was she even allowed to? Her violet hues flickered up to him, though if she didn’t answer and the land unsuitable would she lose contact with him? Everything juggled around in her mind as she would slowly reach out to try and take that map but really she’d reach more for the hand holding it and try to lay hers atop his. ” I….” there was so much to say, so much to ask and it seemed not enough time to ask it all or tell him everything but she had to try first. She would make it simple, ” Dark Past, I have a dark past and have done things,.” The elf’s eyes finally shifting up to look at his glimmering ones. Her ears bright red and her cheek coming close but there was something dark that shimmered in her own orbs. ” Are you sure? Could you look past my dark side and…….accept me being there if you knew them?”

Remy felt her warm hand and it caused his to still. He could not say the same, his own life had just begun really. He had only known life in Aquarius and with this time spent on the island of the shamans where he had formed into the man he was now. But he looked in her eyes now and gave one slow nod then smiled at her tenderly. “I have never had someone turn my mind to mush or my heart pound so hard. I know this is coming all fast and it’s because there is not time for slower talks and the time for shy looks across the room is now past. Whatever is in your past has made you who who are today, and for that I will more than gladly accept you as you are. We Alarians are made up of all kinds, if I would not look with shame on my people, why would I do it to you. Don’t say yes or no now…not unless you really mean it. But if it is yes, then in two days time, take this map and take a boat to this location. I’ll be waiting for you.” Hearing the sound of the conch shell he felt dread in his heart and his other hand cover hers. “It’s time to go.”

Rayne A’laermith was so old now, well into her sixth century but yet here she was, looking and feeling like a young girl again in the human village. Blushing when boys called her pretty, and stumbling when they gave her courting gifts. All of which she rejected til the fateful day hundreds of years ago. But now she was an adult and still had no idea what to say or do. Her hand was resting on his and it would rest there as he gave his response, her eyes never leaving his and her hand never moving. Though behind her orbs would be a flickering of a light, once long ago had died out. Estara was slowly bringing it back to life but Remy’s words sparked it into a flare. In the little time she had known him she had seen patience, kindness. A leader, his people loved him, he didn’t pick fights but healed and nurtured.

She listened to his instructions and parted her lips to speak when the sound echoed across to them. Panic in her chest rose again but it wasn’t like before. Time had run out and while he said think on it she would pull her other hand from her chest, reach up and try to place a hand on his cheek, staring into his hues, ” I’ll come, I’d prefer to go with you now. I can scout, I know nature I can help. ” If she had been able to rest her hand on his face she stroke her thumb over his cheek bone, ” I am ready to go now my things are by the elven gardens. Please?” This was a massive step in Rayne’s demeanor, and one she would explain to him in the future so one day he would understand the impact this was for her.

Remy felt the same spark when she touched his face and his heart pounded hard in his ears. So much that he struggled to focus. He simply gazed at her and would break into a wide grin when she asked him to come now. A laugh of near relief erupted from his throat and he pulled her into his arms to hold her. “Yes of course you can come now. But we are going by ocean…but we can ride my war turtle and put your things on it.”

Just then, a second blow of the conch shell. He squeezed her hand. “Say your goodbyes and I’ll carry your things and load them onto the turtle. ” He cupped her cheek in his hand and stroked her skin with his thumb gently. “I’m glad you said yes, this is going to be a good thing for us. come on…let’s go.” He would then take her hand and lead her off.

Rayne A’laermith meeped softly being brought into his arms. Her face burying into his chest, she could smell the salt on him among the other scents that made up him. Luckily her tears would be hidden though he was dry and he’d probably notice. The elf would have said she could shift, turn into an animal to swim, but yeah, War Turtle. Much better idea.

The blush that was on her cheeks and ears would fade to a dull pink but flare again when his hand mimicked her own. Heart pounding in her ears, it was as loud as the shell that sounded in the darkening land. Her goodbyes, she had said them, well now mostly all of them. She’d turn stopping him from grabbing her hand and dragging her off just yet.

A whisper of an elven prayer would come past her lips, eyes closed as her head bowed. A prayer for the dead, and also a parting farewell. After a moment a soft breeze would trickle through and around them shifting Rayne’s hair playfully. A floating soft orb would dance around the two of them a moment turning slowly into a large dire wolf. It would look at Rayne then towards Remy and back to Rayne again. It’s massive form came up and would look down at the elf. It would have an aura of a leader, alpha and protector. Rayne would still be whispering her prayer but Remy could see the wolf as it turned it’s attention towards him and stared, a warning echoing it’s aura. Protect, care, love….. love echoed as if it was asking him to do these things, . After a long moment it would bow it’s head as if it was giving its blessing before the wind would shift and the spirit would fade from view.

Rayne would open her eyes and turn back towards Remy. A soft smile on her face, she may not show it but she felt the spirit there and it’s unspoken words. Reaching out she’d try to take his hand into hers and grip it tightly coming right up to his side. Pulling her feet up to stand on her toes she’d also try to place a kiss to his jaw before saying, ” I’m done, Let’s get our things and go. I don’t want to make your people wait any longer. Or your brother, I’m sure he’ll already be upset that I held you up for so long…”

Remy would watch , confused a moment but stopped and watched. She looked beautiful in her element, here at the temple. Seeing the wolf he would feel somewhat connected to it and her. He knew what it would ask of him and nodded. He would always protect, care…and even love her. He felt it, his first real love. His face turned red as her soft lips kissed his jaw and he smiled. “I will always protect you Rayne. I swear.” Grinning at her comment about his brother he heard a third louder and more forceful conch blow. Oh yes Shaun was not the patient of the two twins. “Heh…lets go before he breaks his shell.” He would give her a soft look and knew that in her eyes he might finally know his true path.

Farewell Estara_039

The Sun Sets on Stonehelm’s Docks, Taken by Kalan (Seren Tiratzo)

Leaving Estara, Rejecting Fate

[Previously, Lady Eliana Mistwalker departed Stonehelm to take her place as her Merchant father’s heir in business, bidding farewell to her loved ones in Estara and inviting the Viola the Stonemaiden & Archmage to join her one day.]

Viola Yskendera places the last rune. “Sorry for making a mess of your room, Eliana…” she says with a laugh, the barren, emptied quarters now marked with chalk from the floors to halfway up several of the walls in color-coded arrays. She was working with three types of energy, Octavia’s half-manifested, half-illusory spirit beside her, guiding her.

“You’re aware this will kill you if you don’t perform it precisely right, aren’t you?” she repeats for the umpteenth time. “There’s a reason this sort of thing is not normally-”

“I won’t do it wrong. But this land is dead. Dying, at least. Its bones are going to be stripped bare.”

“I didn’t say that’s wrong. Just that you could fly and it’d be-”

“I’m going to prove it can be done,” the archmage hisses.

“All right, all right,” Octavia concedes, lifting her hands. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you – it’s going to be a long wait for a new Yskendera if you mess this up.” Viola, wordlessly, begins to channel her power. Eliana would, despite the distance, feel a curious sort of crackling tension in the air….

Eliana Mistwalker laughs half-heartedly at something one of the investors said, another crack about women and ill luck on a ship.

“Perhaps just for certain men.” she quips back, a definite bite in her voice, weary of this game. Her father glanced at her, warning in his eyes but she didn’t care. She was his heir and they /would/ respect her. “But I find speaking of bad luck is far more likely to bring it about than the shape of ones’ body, don’t you? Now, this Captain is proven and has a great record at outsmarting those who’d fleece us. Investing in her services will save us manpower on the shipping vessels themselves and will give a stronger show of force for wandering eyes.”

She let her gaze linger on each of them, impressing upon them her will with as much courtly grace as she could summon. She was here to talk business, not entertain them. “What say you?”

The roundest and most pompous of the men – Lord somethingorother – opened his mouth to reply when the hair stood up on the back of her neck and his eyes grew like saucers on his round face. Something was shifting- /magic/ was here. She turns to stand in front of them and Calls out, a sweat breaking out onto her brow, still, at Calling spirits to herself in this strange land. She felt them respond but they were still far off from her grasp, leaving her open and vulnerable to attack.

Viola Yskendera builds the magic until it seems like the room will shatter, break open, collapse. Instead, it is reality that does so.

A brief glimpse of Eliana’s room is visible behind her as she steps through, skin glowing brightly, sparks flying from her body, hair twisting wildly as the air at the portal doesn’t quite know what to do with the things passing through it. She steps through very quickly and immediately withdraws her energy, the remainder of the gold dust, gems, and rare herbs she’d needed to procure burning away on the other side. She flexes her hands, inspects them. Octavia lets out a low whistle in her mind.

“I bloody KNEW it was possible!” she whoops, thrusting her hands to the sky.

Eliana Mistwalker, the investors and the Crew all stood there in shocked silence – only the whipping of the sail and the splashing of sea upon the sides of the stationary vessel could be heard for one, perfectly clear, moment. Then the Investors and Crew exploded into action – Investors scurrying away like rats towards the gangplank, crew readying weapons and shouting as though Viola herself were an entire pirate fleet. In the center of this excitement was Eliana – face transfixed by the vision before her…. was she dying? Heat stroke on the sea? That was the most likely explanation.

Viola Yskendera steps in and wraps her arms around Eliana, squeezing. With the portal snapped shut, she was stuck here now, and though her magic faded somewhat as she grew so distant from the land whose ley lines she knew as well as her own hands, it was more than enough for her to create a swirling wall of wind around them, because crossbow bolts were no fun at all. “Estara is… different. Going to be… it’s fading. There’s nothing left for me there… so I followed my heart to you.” Wow, that line had sounded less cheesy in her head.

Eliana Mistwalker was clung to easily, stunned to her core by the solidness of arms around her. She wasn’t a vision conjured by the heat or a sign of the next world coming but… real. “Viola?” she whispers, her words registering in the back of her mind but making no sense. “It’s you -” She returns the embrace, snuggling her face into the crook of the mage’s neck. She smelled… like herbs and magic and a slight smoky smell from all those sparks… but oh so definitely her Viola.

Viola Yskendera grins. “Yeah. I didn’t have much there I’d be staying for, so… I packed light. Left some notes for the people in the guild. Esskah left. Everyone’s… they’re all leaving. Everyone who can, I mean. I sent my family some things. It should be enough for them to travel and get in contact with me down the road. But for now…” She stops her rambling, her explanations, and sinks into Eliana’s embrace. “For now, I’d rather just think about what I do have.”

Eliana Mistwalker would ask questions later- likely at painful length- but for now she just held her dearest girl tight. “Always.” she reminds her, a genuine smile forming. “Until the stars go out.”

And around them,  seven  salty sailors simply smiled, sappily.

Viola Yskendera nods, but whispers with a fierce grin. “Fuck that. If the stars go out, I’ll make us more.”


Farewell Estara_018

Sanguis Luna Den, Taken by Seren Tiratzo

Farewell Estara_019

Sanguis Luna Den, Taken by Seren Tiratzo

Adopting a Daughter (Durimarak, Tabby & Sasurai)

[Opens on the small fires burning on docks outside of Lotharian – evidently set by a small and inexplicably flame-y Sasurai, while Durimarak attempts to put them out.]

Sasurai Zhangsun would nod as she sighed “Fine I’ll be good but you remember you promised meat!” she would say already talking to Durim like he owed her something. She would seem to warm to the man as he suddenly set the dock on fire for her “S..soooo coool!” she squealed out running to the fire and walking right into it like she was getting into warm water. She would spread her wings and sigh as the flames seemed to just flow onto her and into her wings the fire going out after a few moments but the girls wings seemed dry now and she was actually kicking off a little heat too as she spread her wings back out “OK we can go but don’t talk to the gate guards they are mean! They took my sword!” she hissed. In the guards defense the kid had tried to stab one of them with it when they wanted to see her boomerang.

Durimarak chuckled at her. “Yes, yes I did.” It was easy enough to get, back in Loth. Him setting fire to the docks was cool? Her words were a bit ironic. “Feeling better now?” he’d ask as she all but danced around the flames. “Which gate guards? I think I can get your sword back, Sas.” Either politics or magic. One of the two. “That way you don’t have to leave anything behind in this awful snowy place.”

Sasurai Zhangsun would grin as Durim talked about the sword nodding “I’ll be good just get it back for me please!” the way she said please it was easy to tell she was just saying what she through the adult wanted to hear so she would get what she wanted. She would nod and follow after Durim “This way they were over here. They are fat and ugly and one smells really bad!” she would complain as she almost ran towards the gate glad to not have to worry about any other things of hers as she really did travel light at this point only her weapons and a small coin purse on her belt

Durimarak started to follow after little Sas over to the gate. “I will, I will…” She’d changed her tune in a hurry, hadn’t she? It amused him more than a little. “Yes, well don’t say that where he can hear. I’d like to get the sword back easily…” Meeting her at the gate, he approached the guard who seemed the more important of the two. “I’m told you two confiscated a sword from my friend here. As we are now leaving, I would have you return it, for her protection. I’ll remind you that I am the Regent of Lotharian. You may not like my nation, but even you will see the wisdom of doing me a small favor like this.”

Sasurai Zhangsun would sneer at the gate guard who groaned as he noticed the kid coming back. “Thats the one the slightly uglier one he has the sword!” she would point right at the man clearly not understanding diplomatic tact as she just made Durim’s job of sweet talking a bit harder.

The guard was already in a bad mood and the drow did not help as he seemed to sigh “Look, just get this kid out of here and if she comes back again you better not let her out of your sight.”

The phoenix would be dancing about impatiently waiting her sword back as the adults argued “Hey he’s not my guardian….he’s….He’s my butler I hired him to lug my stuff around now gimie my sword back I’m and important person!” she said in a snobbish tone the guard looking like he just wanted to give the sword over to get rid of the kid at this point.

Tabby had wandered into Stonehelm and along the docks. Oddly quiet. Hmmm. Turning towards the gates with the faint idea of heading over to speak with Tara concerning some thoughts she’d had a few days past, she raised a brow when she spotted Durimarak and.. small little what exactly? Listening to the child talk, she chuckled softly over it before drifting over behind the Regent. “Who is your new and very important friend?”

Durimarak facepalmed when Sasurai did exactly what he asked her not to do. Damned kids… “That’s exactly what I intend to do, and once I have her sword we will be on our way.” He held out a hand, expecting the guard to hurry up and do as he asked. “Sasurai, you’re not helping,” he scolded her quietly. He froze when he heard Tabby come up behind him. He hadn’t expected that at all! “Tabby? Hi! What are you doing here?” He quickly moved over to her, to give her a hug and kiss. Right in front of the kid. He had a feeling Tabby would need a calming influence. “I want you to listen to me very carefully, Tabby. This… is Sasurai. Sort of. I’m sorry, but the priestess died, and was reincarnated as… this… girl…” He continued to hold Tabby, though more this time making ready to hold her back.

Sasurai Zhangsun would sigh and growl a bit as the guard gave her sword to the drow “Hey thats mine not his….fine….lets get out of this dumb town every one here is dumb and you smell!” she would say to the guard who twitched clearly not liking this kid at all. Sasurai would turn as she heard Tabby talking to Durim. The kiss made her gag a little “Yuck” she grumbled ini celestial about adults being face suckers as she marched a little way out over the bridge peering into the water as she seemed to loose her focus on the fact there was a new woman there and she may want to talk to her. “Hurry up butler!” she would shout from the bridge nearly lifting off the ground as her wings fluttered back and forth kicking up a warm breeze a few feet around her as she waited on the slow adults.

Tabby raised a brow at Durimarak’s question. Looking about the small space. “Just taking a walk.” Smiling over the kiss, she hmm’ed softly at him, for a brief moment content to lean into him..until the rest of what he said sank in. A low growl starting deep in the back of her throat, she flicked a look between him and the child. “The hell are you talking about? Celestials don’t die. ” And her friends.. the few she had..most certainly did NOT die.” Watching this so -called Sasurai duck out to the other side of the wall, she attempted to break free of Durimarak’s grip to follow after her. “Come here!” Wanting to get a look at this little imposter. “Right.NOW!”

Durimarak hadn’t given up the sword just yet, so he still had it in hand as he tried to hold on to Tabby. And since he was afraid he might accidentally hurt her with it, he let Tabby free quickly. “Tabby no! It’s true. Just look at the girl!” He chased after her, not really too sure what to do about the whole situation.

Sasurai Zhangsun would hum to herself as she waited for the two inside the town getting annoyed as she considered just flying some where but then Tabby started shouting as the kid actually looked a bit scared for a few seconds. She would take a few steps back and pull the staff from her back holding it like she intended to bash Tabby with it if she got too close “Hey, I don’t know who you are lady but you don’t get to shout at people did no one every tell you that!” she hissed out.

The staff was the same one the priestess had used that was for sure, there was not another one like it around. It looked large in the kids small hands and she seemed to be having trouble keeping it lifted out like that as the staff weighted more than it looked like it did. The staffs crystal would glow with a yelowish flicker “I’ll Zap you! I know magic lady!” she hissed. This seeemed a total bluff as the kid was casting a light spell and it was clearly taking a lot of effort for her to even keep the staff up at this point.

Tabby snarled back at Durimarak. “I will look. ” Oh, she’d do that and much more. Stepping out onto the bridge when he released her, she eyed the child over. As ever her quick mind taking note of things, assessing and weighing them at speed. A snort coming at the appearance of the staff, she ignored the childish threat completely and marched right up to the child. “Don’t you dare take that tone with me little lady. ” Using her “managing Ronan” tone in a heartbeat.

Reaching out, she attempted to grab Sasurai by an ear to keep her in place. “And a thief as well I see. Stealing the priestess’ staff, hm?” Not that Tabby minded thieves at all, she was one herself at times. But still.

Durimarak was certain the guards were even less pleased with the three of them now than they had been a few moments ago. Gah. Already they were telling him to leave! “I wouldn’t do that, Sas,” he warned her. “Don’t make Tabby angry.” Wait, too late. HE had done it. And already Tabby was in mother mode, and making the exact same accusations he had. They’d come full circle so quickly

Sasurai Zhangsun would let out a squeak as Tabby just kept walking not taking her threat seriously at all it seemed. She would freeze up looking like she was thinking about running or flying away as Tabby suddenly started to yell at her. The priestesses wings would curl around her shoulders as she seemed to shrink back from the woman at her words. She yelped in surprise as she suddenly felt her ear grabbed the flame of the staff dying down as she wailed.”Let go let go you are both mean! He said I would get food!” she was crying out in protest but did not try and fight the woman off worried she might loose an ear in the process as she had to stay still her wings feathers ruffled up around her. “I’m not a thief I have had this staff all my life. You people are so dumb you don’t understand how time works in the celestial plane. A day here can be a year up there even so try and listen and not be so mean!” she was nearly crying now but was trying not to.

Tabby was aware of the guards at the gate. Giving them a beady eye. just daring them to interfere. Her temper on full boil at the moment, she’d happily take them on if they so desired. “Durimarak?” Questioning him with a lifted brow.. in a silent question of ‘was…is this really Sas?’ Looking at the sword he held, it was the same one that Tabby had gifted to the priestess. A pained sound breaking from her, she turned back to the child. Hunkering down a bit to study her features carefully even as Sas whined and carried on. Hunting and looking more closely for clues. “This is… ” It made no sense to her as of yet..really. Her eyes growing cold. “So then make me understand little one. Who killed Sasurai?” She couldn’t… quite yet fathom that this was also that Sasurai. Or..didn’t wish to admit it to herself, she wasn’t sure yet.

Durimarak sunk his head at the wailing and arguing going back and forth. “This is hers, Tabby. And just look at her. Really look at that face. I’m sorry… I’m really sorry Tabby. I did the same thing as you are. Apparently her goddess abandoned her, Sasurai got sick, and died. I don’t know why, and neither does the child.” He moved closer to protect the little girl from Tabby lashing out any further, even though being so close to the little phoenix was quite unpleasant. “I told her she could come back with me. We were going to get her some food, and then come meet you, and Ronan.”

Sasurai Zhangsun would sniffle and dry her eyes as tabby bent down the girl had the same body markings as Sasurai although her face looked a bit different the hair was a dead ringer for the old priestess. She would slip the staff back on her shoulder flicking the prayer beads around in her left hand a bit as she tried to calm down. She would let out a sad sigh at the question about the woman’s death.

“I…I don’t know…I can see some of her old life….you look familiar lady so does that weird ice guy but I don’t know who you are or…what I was really I’m trying to find that out if you all would stop getting in my way!” she would pout. “I know she talked too like her mother I think but then I just…I can’t see that part of her life after that.” she would admit sighing softly. The mystery of who she had been before was one the child wanted to find out but in her mind it was all just a jumble of strange places and people. She would nod to Durim as he talked about what she had told him “Listen to my butler lady he is right!” she would call out moving to try and hide behind Durim and away from those scarry cold eyes that tabby seemed to glue to the kid.

Tabby hadn’t quite released her grip on the little thing. But her fingers had softened.. mostly just to keep her from thinking of fluttering off to who knew where. Canting her head when Durimarak explained the issue further. If such was true, the rage threatening to boil over at the loss of her friend..suddenly had nowhere to go. No on to blame. Releasing her finally and stepping away, Tabby stared out over the water. Forcing herself to not.. think.. not care over such a loss as Sasurai made her own remarks and deal with this new…re-incarnation of one of her dearest friends. “Familiar….” Whispering that single word, she turned back to watch Sas scurry behind Durimarak. Her eyes blank.. she nodded. “Food it is. You will stay with us from now on, and you will mind us and your manners. I hope you don’t mind having a brother who likes to set everything on fire, including bossy little girls.” Pointing at Durimarak. “He is not your butler. His name is Durimarak. I am Tabby and your new brother’s name is Ronan. Are we clear?”

Durimarak watched Tabby, now more concerned with her than with the girl’s safety. He moved to hug her again, hold her to him. “Everything will be alright…” he softly whispered to her. Swaying gently as she started to stare at the waters, he pulled away in surprise as she just… adopted Sasurai, right on the spot. Uh, well then. Not that he minded. “That settles it, then. Guess you get to come with us after all.” Hah. Well, he’d had that in mind too, but was going to discuss it with a certain someone FIRST. “Oh, Tabby… about the fire thing…” He cast another scorching ray, this one behind him at Sasurai’s feet. Tabby would see what happened next, he was sure.

Sasurai Zhangsun would frown as she listened to the woman’s words. She had been all alone for 10 years in the celestial plane and did not really understand what a family was as she would try and think this over sighing “Why do adults always have to make rules…..fine….I guess that seems all right for now at least. I’ll be nice but if that kid of yours gets in my way I will punch him!” she would state matter-of-factly letting out a mischievous titter at the talk of her getting set on fire “That sounds like fun!” she would grin as maybe this would not be all bad. She would nod at the proper names sighing “Fine fine my name is Sasurai….Sasu if you want but do not call me Sassy or I will set you on fire so fast!!” she would say sounding dead serious about that last bit.

The girls eyes seemed to light up as the fire flared up as she would walk right into it sitting down as the fire seemed to wrap around her skin and pour into her mouth and nose then went out as the phoenix breathed a cloud of black ash out and sighed. “Thank you, Durim, that is nice its too cold out here I don’t like it.” she would admit being a little more open as these people were not strangers to her now at least and they may actually be of some use to her.

Tabby closed her eyes at Durimarak’s touch. She would not cry, She never cried. But Sas… why Sas? The priestess was the one she went to about.. personal things. “Will it?” Answering him in a quieter tone, she sighed and took a slow breath. Granting him a wink and smile when he pulled away. “Yes you are right. Everything will be fine. There is nothing wrong with starting over. A fresh life.”

She’d done it in the past, not in this…way exactly. However. She’d accept it. Maybe she might have to get smashingly drunk to work through it entirely, ut she’d do that later. “What about fire?” Watching in interest when he suddenly used that very thing. “Don’t do that!” Was he trying to burn Sas alive? A laugh at last.. coming at Sas’ threat. “You can punch Ronan all you like, just no coming crying to me when he punches you back. And I have never called you…” Pausng. “Well the old you Sassy, but Ronan does..did. And I’m not scared of fire. So you’ll need to find something better to scare me with. I’ll let you work on that.” Her brows lifting as she watched the results of the fire and heat. Oh well….poor Ronan might have to think of a way to challenge his new sister that involved something besides his favorite trickery. “Well. At least we won’t have to worry about them burning each other to a crisp?” A giggle coming over that.

Durimarak was smiling now. This wasn’t exactly what he’d had planned for the day but for some reason it made him happy. “I imagine we’ll be pulling them off of each other for weeks to come. Years.” Tabby freaking out over him trying to set Sasurai on fire amused him. “I can’t call you Sassy? But… but Sassy, I like calling you that.” Snicker. “You’re quite welcome. And that’s something I hear quite often. Apparently I’m the only one who can appreciate the winter. Oh, before I forget…” he was still holding the sword, so he flipped it around and held the pommel out to her. “Here you go.” He looked back to Tabby, more concerned than ever for her. First her stone, and now… this. “Maybe in time she’ll be more like Sasurai again?” Though growing up with them… probably not. He was going to have to spend some good quality time with Tabby to help her through it though. “Yes, they’re not going to set each other on fire. Probably will me though…”

Sasurai Zhangsun would laugh at Tabbys words “Ohhh we will see I bet I can make him extra crispy just watch!” she would say already getting ready to show this new kid who was in charge around here. She would fidget and glare up at Durim as he teased her about her name walking up and snatching the sword back and putting it away “I can stab you ya know. Just because you feed me does not mean you get to disobey my rules! Unless you want me to do the same with your rules then thats fine call me sassy all you like as I set your stuff on fire!” she would say as she clearly was going to have authority issues with adults.

Tabby chuckled at Durimarak. “I expect we will. Good thing you’ll be around for many many years to come to play referee hm?” Teasing him openly over that, she’d been gone before any of them. But she’d enjoy what she had. Leaning up into Durimarak, she gave him a quick nip on his jaw in a playful manner while he teased Sasurai. “I don’t know that she will be like the old Sas. But then. I suppose that is fine. Echoes of the past aren’t always the best to live over again.” Slowly coming to some kind of terms with this…maybe. “And no setting Durimarak on fire little missy!” Adding that in regards to his comment. Oh dear. He was now to be surrounded by not two but three heat loving creatures. Raising a brow at Sasurai’s imperious manner, Tabby just…stared her down. “Don’t cross me little one. You’ll find being locked in your room for a month will make you a very unhappy little girl. You will behave and you will respect your parents. Or I’ll take you over my knee and you’ll find exactly what I think of bratty behavior.” Winking at the small celestial, although her tone was serious. “Well then. Shall we head home. Get Sas here settled in I expect?”
Durimarak knelt down and gave the girl a challenging, eye to eye glare. “No you will not stab me. You’re cute and all, but we’re taking you into our home out of kindness, so you will repay that by behaving. I won’t ask much of you, just that you respect what we are giving you here.” Satisfied now, since Tabby had also jumped in and she was far more stern and parental than he could really pull off, he stood again and held out a hand. “Now then, shall we? I bet you’re quite hungry.” He gave Tabby a quick kiss, and if he could, took Sasurai’s hand. “Why don’t we go get you some food, and take you to your new room and new brother?”

Sasurai Zhangsun would roll her eyes at the warning about not setting Durim on fire as she would see about that. The woman’s words made her turn as she listened to her frowning as it seemed Tabby would be the tougher one to get away with her antics if she did not stay on guard. “Fine fine geeze. Bet I’d just burn your stupid fat legs anyway I’m a phoenix, lady, we live in fire.” She would mumble as the talk of being stuck in a room for a month seemed to shut her up her eyes darting upwards as she noticed something

“Good! Lunch is here!” she would squeak as she noticed a carrier pigeon flying towards the city. Without another word she was in the air leaving a small glowing trail behind her as she threw the small wooden boomerang towards the bird. It tried to escape but the wooden weapon smacked into the birds skull as it dropped dead from the sky. The small child racing after it and snagging it in the air along with the wooden weapon as she landed a few feet from her new parents grinning from ear to ear. She would listen to Durim and sigh taking his hand holding the dead bird in her other hand as it started to smoke a little “Fine but I’m not sharing this is my bird I killed it so it belongs to me!” she would say matter of factly..

Tabby growled softly in response to the kiss. A promise for later perhaps. But she wasn’t going to voice it in front of now ? innocent ears. Beginning to head back to Loth as a group, she chuckled at Sas’ continued effort to state her own case loud and clear. “You’ll have plenty of time to impress us with your importance. But let me mention one thing. Telling people how scary you are.. tends to bore them. Especially me. ” Watching the bird death she snickered. “All yours. I don’t like picking feathers out of my teeth.”

Durimarak tried not to say anything further to the little brat trying to puff herself up. It’d only encourage her! Instead he just took the little girl’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “You can have your bird. That was a pretty neat thing you did there.” And a messenger bird too. Good show. Winking at Tabby, he stole another kiss from her and took Tabby’s hand as well, starting to lead them towards home. “Can’t wait to see Ronan’s face when he finds out…”

Sasurai Zhangsun would mumble something about adults never listening but said nothing else that may get her in trouble as she started plotting against this new brother of hers wondering how old he was or how strong. She knew how to find out at least as a wicked grin crossed her lips “ohhh this is going to be fun.” she said to herself giggling

Tabby headed home with Durimarak and her new daughter. A laugh coming. “We can look forward or back. I’ve always chosen forward.” Mumuring that for his sharp ears alone. “I’m sure there will be some sorting out to be done. Luckily it’s hard to burn down stone. ” She was content to let Ronan and Sasurai work out their own pecking order. It was the way of things, child or adult alike.


The Wooded Path, Taken by Seren Tiratzo


Thyme & Tel’Talas

Thyme stood on the top of the snowy hill watching people trailing wagons and barking dogs as they left the lands. Tel’Talas had stood empty for days now, no laughter, no noises, no bustling tavern. Even the White Tree had gone silent. Had he forsaken her? Had Anduin chosen her then left her to figure things out on her own? With a soft sigh she turned and looked the opposite direction to Lotharia. Even that dark place seemed deathly quiet. The shattering of the stones had had quite the profound effect on everyone, it seemed.

A scuffling behind her made her turn her head to see her rotund little servant woman, Bevda, shuffling up behind her announced by a huffing of breath and a great plume of frosty air billowing from her lips. Her arms were laden with rolls of furs and hides which she now tried to shove into Thyme’s arms. “Put your cloak on my Queen. You will catch a death out here like this. Go on now.”

Thyme smiled softly and took the cloak from the woman. She was old, even for an elf and stood several feet smaller than Thyme herself. Her skin was paper thin and held a faint glow, a tell-tale sign that Bevda would be returning to the Grey soon. Slipping her cloak about her shoulders she watched as the last of the elven servants trailed away from Tel’Talas, all of their belongings in carts and wagons as well. Thyme counted them as they passed, perhaps making sure all were accounted for, perhaps trying to calculate how she was going to take care of them all on their journey.

“Now what do we do?” Bevda’s voice was soft and held the faint hint of tears. She was going to cry. Thyme reached out in a rare moment of tenderness and gave the old elven woman a pat. “All is well Bevda. It is fitting that the city should return to the quiet I found it in. I came form the Dark Woods where the sunlight didn’t touch the ground all because I had a dream to come here. I had a dream that the White Tree marked me and chose me to be Tari, and it happened.” She held ut her arm with the mark on it where the falcon had touched her. The mark still stood on her skin. “Now I have a dream that we are to travel by boat over the waters to a new land. All will be well, Bevda. My dreams have never led me astray before.” She patted the old woman who turned and started walking along in the line of straggling elves for the docks.

Thyme watched them a moment then turned dark eyes to the White tree that stood so silent and unmoving. No more groaning, no more swaying branches. A screech from above made her turn her eyes to the sky and she saw Do’Reah. Lifting her arm she held it out for the falcon which settled there. “Will you be coming with us old friend?” The hawk blinked glassy black eyes at her and craned her head, puffed her feathers and lifted her wings. Thyme chuckled softly. “Very well. To the boats then.”

Thyme looked one last time back at silent Tel’Talas, adjusted her cloak over her bare arms and then turned, leaving her bootprints in the snow. Don’t look back, never look back.


Night Falls on Estara, , Taken by Seren Tiratzo

Night Falls on Estara, , Taken by Seren Tiratzo

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