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[Update: Mysts of Eyr will be closed as of March 2018, see note at the bottom]

A year ago we covered the Mystara closing and mentioned that even then there were plans for a continuation of Mystara’s story.  In August, the Mysts of Eyr opened it’s doors. Eyr is an island Estate sim, like many on the Grid, but that is where the expected elements end.

Not unlike its predecessor, Eyr boasts a wide range of playable races (over 100 possibilities) and an assortment of factions, businesses, and disciplines for players to build on.

The sim jumps ahead ten years after the ‘great exodus’ from Mystara, across the Baleful Sea on a small, habitable, but wild island. The displaced Mystarans are now surviving the forests, its inhabitants and its challenges.

The staples of medieval-fantasy RP are still here. Settlers have the usual businesses and day-to-day life to contend with in addition to the challenges of jungle living and adapting to being strangers in a strange land.


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The Factions of the Mysts of Eyr, from their website.


First Impressions

As with the Realm of Mystara website, the Mysts of Eyr website is visually pleasing and a font of information. It is the only source of information, however, as all in-world links point to it despite some genuinely adorable signage in-world.

The website is not hard to navigate; it just has so much to navigate through. This isn’t a downside, exactly, with a sim as thoroughly developed as Eyr. A new player might be intimidated by the amount of information, if they aren’t used to sifting through their choices, but everything is sensibly laid out and explained – it may take time to go through but is straightforward and all a very good read. Step-by-step guides on how to ‘ace’ the applications, overviews of lore for a brief glance and detailed articles on legends and seasonal foraging supplies – it is all there, whatever you may need.


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Eyr – An Island of Opportunity

This week Platinus Wirefly took the time to speak with me about the journey the sim has been on.

RP Trail: Normally, I ask sim owners what inspired their sim. The case is a little different with the Mysts of Eyr – it was being spoken of from the very beginning. Could you tell me about the process that took you from the closing of Mystara to the Opening day here?

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): Well, it was something of an emotional roller coaster, really. Annie announced her decision to close down Mystara to the admins first. I was at work and it was quiet, so, I had the opportunity to have a bit of a weepy moment. That’s when I stepped up and said I’d take it over. There was quite a bit of making sure going on and seeing what sort of direction we could take. That short amount of time between Mystara closing down and Eyr opening up was such a blur, though.

The process was pretty much, “Let’s keep things Mystara, but make things fresh.” We wanted to keep the aspects, the spirit of the Mysts the same, but set it some where unique, not only to fantasy role play, but also Second Life as a whole. So, we settled on setting in Eyr, an island in our Mystara universe.

From what I’ve heard, we’ve succeeded in that. Most other jungle sims seem to be either gorean or Avatar based. Certainly not against either of those, just not what I wanted from Eyr. I wanted a rich jungle setting steeped in dark, ancient arcane magics and full of great story potential. Definitely have accomplished that.

RP Trail:  This “Jungle meets High Fantasy” concept you have gone with certainly comes through, I think. Walking around sim feels completely different than anything I’ve seen on the grid.




RP Trail: What kind of challenges have arisen from having such a different concept?

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): Soooo many. The fun part is that it’s not /just/ a jungle setting. It’s a rain-foresty jungle with some South East Asia/Indonesia flare, so, it’s a little difficult to come up with clothing, accessories, and avatars that fit thematically. We have a race called the bastet, they’re our werecat people. It’s difficult to come up with an actual beast/war form for them. In Mystara, we had the lycans/werewolves and the market is pretty much saturated with great werewolf avs. Not so much for werecats. There’s not as wide a variety of jungle themed clothes as there is viking clothes or Roman/Greco gladiator garb. Stuff that fits with in Medieval European history fantasy.

Aside from that sort of superficial challenge, there’s been a little bit of work actually getting used to a jungle setting. Most of our players came over from Mystara, where we had a human city full of businesses, an elven village made out of rare glass work, that sort of stuff. All of the key components of euopean medi-fantasy. Coming over to Eyr? We don’t have any of that. It’s been a struggle, at least icly, to be able to survive with out that.

We’ve taken all of the normal comforts of medi-fantasy and have dashed them on the jagged rocks of a dangerous jungle setting.




RP Trail: What do you love most about this sim? What’s your favorite bit of lore or thing you’ve gotten to do with it?

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): Having been the leader of the Mystfolk back in Mystara, coming to a sim that is mostly wild and mysterious is what I love the best. It’s like we’ve taken the Mystfolk way of life and pretty much made a whole sim out of it.

RP Trail: hat’s a good point. Normally it is mer and fae trying to fit within the edges of an established society. This really flips that on it’s head.

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): And I really wanted that, not so much as a way of saying that the Mystfolk are my favorites (They always will be, regardless of what I’m doing. Mystfolk are bestfolk.) but I wanted to use that to bring some major conflict to the story of the island right away.

We have our Mystaran refugees and immigrants coming into this wild place run by native races who are so in touch with the jungle, there’s just such difference in ideals between the two groups. Makes for interesting role play.


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RP Trail: If you could tell one thing to potential players about the Mysts of Eyr, would would you say?

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): Just come and have fun. One of our core tenants is to help everyone grow. Leave them better than when we found them. We take players of every level and will help make them great players. And when I say we, I mean it’s a whole sim effort.

So really, have fun and don’t worry about it.

RP Trail:  One of my passions is promoting roleplay and encouraging players to create “Epic RP”. What is the key to “Epic RP” to you?

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): I would say that the key to creating/enjoying epic rp is that there isn’t a single key to it. It’s more like a combination lock that has multiple options/combinations. It takes commitment from a lot of people across players and leadership. It’s conflict, it’s story telling, it’s team work it’s cooperation. It’s a lot of things.

RP Trail: Very true!

Platty Cat (Platinus Wirefly): As long as everyone’s having a good time OOCly, it’s epic rp to me

ICly, everyone can be in the stocks, that’d be pretty epic!


Mysts of Eyr2

What to Expect

The Mysts of Eyr is a vibrant sim teeming with possibility and life. From the moment you land, it’s easy to tell you are in for something fresh and new.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring Eyr and getting to know its players. The feedback I got from those who checked out the sim was unanimous: Eyr is beautiful and welcoming. The players I spoke with were consistently warm and welcoming.

Upcoming Events for Eyr include an Sweetheart Auction and OOC dance on 2/14, and an IC ball on 2/20. If you’d like to learn more about the Mysts of Eyr visit their website or take this taxi to see them inworld. To see more pictures, Modem World covered the sim build at opening.

Until next time, may your Grid be Peaceful and your RP Epic,

– The Trailblazer

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Edit: Originally it was stated that Mysts of Eyr had 14 races, while it has 14 general groupings of races, listed on their website – but the actual count is over 100.


Written by RP Trail