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From the ashes and ruin…Advent Hollow rises…..

Thus begins the tale of Advent Hollow, a post-apocalyptic, town on the Souther coast of England. Set in the year 3015 the town has undergone much hardship and strife but the citizens are slowly returning, trying to carve out a new life amidst the horrors surrounding them.

Divided into 7 factions ranging from witches to scientists to an evil cult and home to 10 races, there is something here to interest anyone. Today was their first day with the doors open and I got to sit down with the owner, Sydney Sandalwood, to talk about the sim.

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RPTrail: What inspired you to do create Advent Hollow? How did this get started?

Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): Well – We started out with several other owners – and this became disastrous. The story was not that great, the build was off. So it was a learning process. So after several discussion and decisions on what we really wanted in our rp and what would motivate us to want to be here, we wrote the story for Advent Hollow. Jules Carami is the best builder in SL – and we gave her carte blanch to do what she does best and she created this great sim. We all came from other rp sims – some great, some not so great. So we all had a pretty good idea of what we really wanted out of our rp and out of a sim.

I did a lot of “What would you like to see?” What kind of rp would motivate you to come here?” that kind of thing. I collaborated with all the GM’s here, got a lot of feedback, and came up with a great story and lots of groups that would allow for that rp

RPTrail:  There are a lot of sims on the grid – What do you think makes Advent Hollow stand out from the pack?

Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): Lots of things. We are all long time rp’rs here. We are ready to help and teach those who aren’t as experienced in rp. We enjoy the rp that we all engage in. We want people who rp here to make this their home and hopefully stay here. We encourage rp – all the gm’s here are active and engage in conversation, mainly Ic’ly – and our story is unique. Our build is spread out and gives the player many options.

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Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): I love the originality and the fact that it was a collaboration of all us here. My favorite aspect of the story is that each faction and each player, whether with a group or not, can have some kind of plot involvement with the story. Each GM has some “secret” that may link them to the main story.

RPTrail: Excellent – plot hooks everywhere!

Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): exactly! It helps to tie everyone into the sim and feel that they can have a reason for being here

RPTrail: That’s awesome. Is there anything else you want prospective players to know that I haven’t covered?

Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): We are pretty open to most races here. And we work with a player to help them in any way. We offer classes in rp. We love to have live events and combat tournaments. Our goal here is to have fun – above anything else. After all, this is a game, and a game is supposed to bring enjoyment

RPTrail: Do you have any opening events planned that the players should know about?
Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): We are hoping to have some combat tournaments in the next few weeks. And if we can round up some dj’s, perhaps dancing and live music in the bar here every Friday.

RPTrail: Any dates set yet?

Lady Syd (Sydney Sandalwood): atm – no. We were concentrating on the opening first. But I would guestimate – next week would be our first live event. Dancing and dj in the bar.

Advent Hollow

The team seems to be working hard on this project to bring their vision to life. If post-apocalyptic settings, cyborgs, or mutants are your thing, be sure to give Advent Hollow a visit and take a look around.

To visit learn more about Advent Hollow visit their website or visit them by taking this taxi in world.

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Written by RP Trail