Robert Kilman, Start Here

Robert Kilman, Start Here

If you are new to Second Life Roleplay you may be wondering, “How do I get started?” It can be a bit overwhelming if someone throws an entire Roleplay 101 class at you or a notecard and says “Good luck!”

So this is for you, the down and dirty guide to hopping into RP like a pro. I’ve pulled together some general advice and some articles I have written to get you started.

New Players Start Here:

  1. Check the Rules – The sim you are looking at may have restrictions on what age you need to be and what avatars you need to have.
  2. Application – Not all sims have one. If they do, you can use this to walk yourself through the rest of character creation. If they don’t, there’s a few questions to ask yourself before playing:
    1. What Race should I play? Most sims have basic races listed, along with a description. If you aren’t familiar with them, you might want to pick something simple to begin with. Stay true to the race’s characteristics that are listed, but do not go overboard.
    2. What should my Character be Like? This is a tricky question. You need a character with enough motivation to lead you into RP while still having plenty of room to grow. Take your time to learn their personality. Don’t be over-ambitious with their abilities or with their weaknesses. 
    3. Backstory?? – This is both important… and not. Remember that you can always add backstory, character traits, and motivations after you get into things. It takes you time to get to know people in RL, it will also take you time to get to know your new character. Start with the basics  – what is most important to your character right now and leave the rest for later.
    4. What’s My Name? This is not at the top of the list for a reason. Unless your character springs into the world like Athena, fully grown and named, you should not worry about your character’s name until you have some sense of who they are. Find a name that fits your character and that you (and those around you) can live with long-term. 

Great! You have a character! Now how do you put them in play?

  1. Get on sim. Don’t wait in the welcome area until the cows come home – get out there and say “Hello.”
  2. Start Small… but not too small. When you are ready, post in local. You don’t need anything grand, but you do need complete posts. Use good etiquette when entering and exiting a scene.
  3. Make a Record – this is a personal preference, but I find it is easier to improve my roleplay and remember what I have done if I can go back and read it.
  4. Get Better with Time – No player, no matter if they have been playing a decade or a day, is perfect. You and your character are a constant work in progress. Enjoy the process.

Remember to have fun, communicate, and do your best to make some epic RP!

– The Trailblazer

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Written by RP Trail