"Roleplay 101"  - by Aly Evnier & Kalan (seren.tiratzo)

“Roleplay 101” – by Aly Evnier & Kalan (seren.tiratzo)

Scoring System

The scoring system is something meant to quantify something extremely hard to quantify. It’s not what I put my emphasis in and could vary widely depending on player-to-player experience. This is why I gather reviews and interviews from players and owners alike. Read the details to know the truth of the review and observations

Sims are graded out of 100% – each section is worth 25%, with New Player Appeal being the most subjective by far. Bullet points are roughly the areas graded on – to help the Trailblazer and the reviewers she uses to gauge a sim.

(Rating Descriptions are stolen lovingly from the excellent Book Smugglers book review blog. If you’re a roleplayer, you’re probably a reader as well – do yourself a favor and check them out!)

10% – 19%  “I want my money (and a few hours of my life) back”

20% – 29% “Terrible”

30% – 39%  “Bad”

40% – 49%  “Bad, but not without some merit”

50% – 59%  “Meh

60% – 69% “Good

70% – 79%  “Very Good”

80% – 89%  “Excellent

90% – 99% ” Pretty Much Perfect”

100% – Utter Perfection (This will likely never be given out as humans are very often involved)


  •  Layout (Easy to Navigate, Easy on the Eyes)
  •  Friendliness
  •  Features (Blog? Forums? Gallery?)
  •  Up-to-Date
  •  Information (Is it worth going to the website?)


  • Original (Original wording, new take)
  • Logical ( Does the world make sense? )
  • Accessible (Pamphlet-sized or a ASOIAF?)
  • Well-Written (Easy to Understand? Concise?)
  • Genre-Friendly (How does it communicate w/ chosen genre?)

Sim Appearance

  • Layout
  • Player- Friendly (Lag, Texture Load)
  • Good Materials & Textures
  • Immersive
  • Creativity & Originality

New Player Appeal

[Disclaimer: A shortened amount of time for observation means player impressions can vary greatly – the score in this category WILL be utterly, unapologetically subjective to try to respect personal biases. The following may be factors, they may not. ]

  • OOC Area
  • Friendliness of Players / Staff
  • Accessibility of information overall
  • Community (Groups?)
  • Response time for Apps (If Submitted)
  • Friendliness of Application Process

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