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January – Active Sim Roundup

Happy New Year! Today we’re looking at the most Active Roleplay sims. If you’ve got some free time in the new year but no where to go- here are some places that may be worth checking out. Our disclaimer is that this is not an endorsement as we haven’t played or reviewed these sims, they are… Read more »

Robert Kilman, Start Here

Roleplay Quick Start Guide

If you are new to Second Life Roleplay you may be wondering, “How do I get started?” It can be a bit overwhelming if someone throws an entire Roleplay 101 class at you or a notecard and says “Good luck!” So this is for you, the down and dirty guide to hopping into RP like… Read more »

Ashenborne - Fae Wilds by Aly Evanier

The Tales of Ashenborne – Sim Snapshot

[Update: as of 6/27 Ashenborne was announced as closing. More information at the bottom] A stunning two full estate sims form Ashenborne’s amazing roleplay playground. I invited some friends of the RP Trail out to take some photos and an entire gallery came back from the experience. This post is less a sim Snapshot and more of… Read more »


What’s Your Motivation?

The Life or Death Question It’s the stuff of Oscar-winning movies and the Disney songs you still know by heart. It is the subject of endless amounts of art, poems, and can send any of us into an existential crises that is definitely outside the scope of this blog: motivation. I’ll be honest. Asking “What does my… Read more »


OUTBREAK – Sim Snapshot

A loud hiss echoes nearby as the Infected suddenly appear… Introducing: Sim Spotlights One of the most frequent questions Second Life Roleplayers answers is, “Where are you playing now?” Every time a sim closes or a conflict breaks out, friends reach out to friends for the latest scoop on which sims are out there, which… Read more »

Stealing Inspiration and Copyright Fails

We’ve all been there. We read a book or watch a movie and there is That Character. The one who captures your imagination. The reasons may vary – that amazing kill move, the weapons or powers, perhaps the grit they have to pull through the conflict and keep on going. Whatever it is that inspires… Read more »

John Chapman, "Critical"

Crit Your Character Creation – By Any Other Name…

  What’s in a Name? Welcome to – insert sim here- Second Life Username: Character Name: Confession time. I will open up a character app and then spend hours trolling every baby name site for the perfect name for every player character, background character, and NPC. I recognize this is a problem and that not everyone… Read more »

Flickr: Got Credit, Update

Update & Apology

Real Life can be a real sidetrack on Second Life, can’t it? If anyone has a thinkpiece on “How to best cover your tail when your RL goes into a tailspin of unproductively” let me know, I’d love to read and publish that! I wanted to give everyone an update as I am getting my… Read more »

Mysts of Eyr111_001

Sim Spotlight: Mysts of Eyr

    [Update: Mysts of Eyr will be closed as of March 2018, see note at the bottom] A year ago we covered the Mystara closing and mentioned that even then there were plans for a continuation of Mystara’s story.  In August, the Mysts of Eyr opened it’s doors. Eyr is an island Estate sim, like many on… Read more »

Adevnt Hollow Logo

Sim Opening: Advent Hollow

From the ashes and ruin…Advent Hollow rises….. Thus begins the tale of Advent Hollow, a post-apocalyptic, town on the Souther coast of England. Set in the year 3015 the town has undergone much hardship and strife but the citizens are slowly returning, trying to carve out a new life amidst the horrors surrounding them. Divided into 7 factions ranging… Read more »

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    Roleplay Vocabulary – What is RP?

      Every Roleplayer starts off with some of the same basic questions and needs – and I’ve always found that a little vocabulary goes a long ways! Today we’re tackling four of the most common questions among new Roleplayers: 1. What is RP? Role play is the art of storytelling through collaborative, improvised play- acting…. Read more »