A loud hiss echoes nearby as the Infected suddenly appear…


Outbreak OOC. Raw Shot, Sim Lighting

Introducing: Sim Spotlights

One of the most frequent questions Second Life Roleplayers answers is, “Where are you playing now?” Every time a sim closes or a conflict breaks out, friends reach out to friends for the latest scoop on which sims are out there, which have closed, and which are worth even bothering to visit.  It’s that discussion which spawned the idea for this blog in the first place. And while Sim Spotlights (interviews with sim creators and opening announcements) are great for a new perspective and Sim Reviews are there for long, in-depth examinations, they do not quite fill this ‘friend-to-friend’ grapevine gap. Thus, the Sim Snapshot was born. Back to the snapshot!

[Disclaimer: This post discusses zombies. If you’re squeamish, read at your own risk.]


Arklay Island. Raw Shot, Sim Lighting

OUTBREAK : First Impressions

516 days after the Zombie outbreak, at least one human outpost survives on Arklay Island.  While the island has the dark, grungy feel you expect from a post-apocalyptic sim, the main builds are refreshingly chosen and well-arranged, using several levels to keep it interesting.

On sim, both I and those I spoke with were greeted warmly and helped through the transition process in Roleplay, being given food and shelter and some direction by which to integrate into the town life.

Outbreak 8_003

Outbreak OOC. Raw Shot, Sim Lighting

The Infected are everywhere. Not a constant annoyance by any means, but a present part of the world. The above pictured Infected is a welcome center zombie and the only one I took a picture of during my visits. I encountered a few other parties, but the constant rain made taking a photo of or with them rather difficult.

Zombie encounters seem to be straightforward, involving realistic mesh zombies (as above, they move and are delightfully creepy) and infected players who go around to add a little flare.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.16.49 PM

Outbreak HUD (For Registered Members Only)

The website is nicely designed, as is the HUD. There is a lot of lore on the website, which might seem overwhelming at first glance but is well thought-out.

What’s Essential?

  • Both the IC and OOC groups are by invitation only, after you’ve applied.
  • Visitors can look around the RP area, provided they do not disrupt RP.
  • The Backstory is Short. 3 Paragraphs and you’re good to go.
  • Read their Roleplay Basics Guide – this is not just a good refresher on RP but lets you know how the RP in Outbreak is done. (They believe in turns and emotes – both pluses, in my book.)
  • Character Creation Quiz – Their character creation runs more like a quiz than an application, which is refreshing.

While you are waiting on a response back (48 hrs or less) then take the time to read through their other guides and familiarize yourself with more of the specifics of the town.

Interested? Good luck surviving OUTBREAK.

Remember:  you do not have to be the strongest to survive. Sometimes, you just have to be the fastest.

Wishing you Epic RP,

– The Trailblazer

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Written by RP Trail