Crossroads | Bine Rodenberger

Crossroads | Bine Rodenberger

Happy New Year! Today we’re looking at the most Active Roleplay sims. If you’ve got some free time in the new year but no where to go- here are some places that may be worth checking out.

Our disclaimer is that this is not an endorsement as we haven’t played or reviewed these sims, they are just the most active within our genre parameters*

1. Remnants of Earth – WebsiteLandmark – 40,976
Rating: Moderate
Rating: Adult
Remnants of Earth is a cyberpunk western roleplaying game within the metaverse of Second Life

Tags: RoE, Remnants of Earth, Gun, Shoot, RPG, Roleplay, RP, Dark, Sci Fi, SciFi, Cyberpunk, Future, Game, Cool, Dystopia, Dice, Pen and Paper, Tabletop, MMO

2. OutbreakWebsite, Landmark – 19,474
Sim Rating: Moderate
How far will you go to survive? immersive urban survival role-play – urban adult dystopian story trade scavenge roleplay post apocalyptic post apoc infected zombie rpg undead rural walking dead role-play forced sex violence alterscape

3. Conquest of Elysium – Website , Landmark – 17,865
Rating: Moderate
The Conquest of Elysium: It is the claimed untamed, where magic, mystery, and adventure await. Awakening for the repressed soul; do you dare to dream?

Tags: medieval, fantasy, RPG, RP, roleplay

4. Alteria: Valneth CityWebsite, Landmark – 10,683
Rating: Moderate
Travel to Alteria, the war-torn homeland of the prosperous merchants, and make your mark by helping to shape the land.

Tags:humans, elves, dwarves, furry, fantasy, merchants, medieval, roleplay, RP, dragons, d&d, fae, rpg, skyrim, elder scrolls, magic, mage

5. World of Soap RPGWebsite, Landmark – 9,334
Rating: Moderate
Since the beginning of time, human kind have feared the strange and the unusual. This world is no exception…

Tags: Supernatural, vampires, werewolves, witches, Grunge, Dirty, hospital, school, motel, sex, bar, church, fight club, urban, trailer park, redneck

6. Tombstone Arizona – Landmark – 8,402
Rating: Moderate

We are a roleplay sim, set in the year of 1899 in the town of Tombstone “The Town Too Tough To Die”, the Territory of Arizona.  Prepare to begin your wild west adventure.

Tags: Legends of the Old West,Historic,Apache,Western, Western roleplay,role play,victorian,wildwest,history,trails,steam train,railroad,cowboy,outlaw,saloon,Gunfight at the OK Corral


Franchise / Series

1. Fallout Evolved – WebsiteLandmark – 41,449
Rating: Adult

Fallout Roleplay. It’s two years prior to Fallout New Vegas: NCR, Caesar’s Legion, Mr. House and others try to gain advantages for their war about Hoover Dam. Experience dangers of a post apocalypse world, wastelands, and the rivaling goals of humans!

Tags: Post-Apocolyptic, Fallout, Fallout: New Vegas, Combat

2. ROIAF : King’s Landing – WebsiteLandmark – 24,346
Rating: Adult

A Realm of Ice and Fire AU – Same houses, new characters, new stories.

Tags: PMedieval Fantasy, Politics

3. Midgar –  Final Fantasy VII Roleplay – WebsiteLandmark – 22,364
Rating: Moderate

Home of the Final Fantasy VII RP Community in Second Life.

Tags:FF7, FFVII, RPG, Dieselpunk, Dice, Roleplay, RP, Cyberpunk, Jenova Crisis Core, Urban, Cool, Tabletop, Anime, Combat, Sci Fi, RPG, MMO, Pen and Paper, 90s


Where are you playing this month? Do you have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments down below and we’ll be sure to check them out!

Remember to have fun, communicate, and do your best to make some epic RP!

– The Trailblazer

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Photo Credit: Bine Rodenberger

*Parameters: Genre sims only, no sex-focused sims, Highest Traffic on the date I capture the information, Active Roleplay.


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