Growing all the time! Right now this is more of a thank you to people whose blogs have inspired and helped me.

Strawberry Singh – Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel | Cookies

The Blogging Elf – Roleplay Fashion and Events.

SimplyDou – Fashion blog with some stunning visuals.

Bluebird’s Song – Fashion blog with lovely inspiration

[SL] Blogger Support – A fantastic resource for bloggers, designers and creators of any stripe who run a website. Geared mostly towards fashion bloggers, it is still a massive help to those of us who are a bit off the beaten path.


Helpful Links!


SecondLife Newbie Resource by Strawberry Singh is fantastic and in-depth. A perfect resource or recommendation.

Guide to Gorean Roleplay – Written by Caroline. As Gor is a rather adult subject, expect a very adult blog to go with it. However, she also has an excellent (NSFW) Noob Guide  and is prolific about her topics

The Mysts of Eyr has a series of fantastic guides, located at the top of the page. Check out their articles for detailed walk-throughs of Roleplay basics.


Blogger Tutorials Page by Strawberry Singh has been a lifesaver for myself and countless other bloggers and residents. It’s worth it’s word count in gold.

Tips for Blogging by The Blogging Elf are a great guidebook for anyone considering pressing that ‘Create Blog’ button.



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