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This Blogger is long-time member of the Second Life Roleplay community and a lifetime geek. She strives to provide up-to-date information on the latest and greatest RP sims on the grid and give those searching for a place to call home a resource to draw upon.

This blog is run purely on passion for the Second Life Roleplay world. We accept no monetary donations and make no money off of anything we do. We have one primary blogger, several photographers and a network of very valued Roleplayers who send in grades, comments and concerns in order to present the most balanced perspective on the sims we review. We could not do this without the great community that supports us.

Blog Features

RP Sim Review – Done over multiple weeks with anonymous monitoring, photos and reviews taken. May or may not include a review or a later spotlight for these things. The goal of a review is to give a player an idea of this is the sim for them – or not.

Snapshots – A Quick look at an RP sim, with the information you might give a friend if they asked you, “Hey – have you checked out ____?”

Spotlights – Short Features covering a variety of subjects, usually taking a week or less to compile. Not intended to be a full review but, rather, to “spotlight” a sim, owner, creator or resource that might otherwise be overlooked or unseen by the average player. These can include sim openings, sim closings, and sims that have been open for a while.

Roleplay Editorials – Drawn from the well of many “RP 101” classes given over the better part of a decade, these are anything from basic RP tips and tricks to  a soapbox rant on proper RP.

The Roleplay Trail’s Contributors

We love our contributors! Below are some of our longest-running friends of the RP Trail. If you want to become a contributor yourself, let us know!


No trip is complete without photos! (Pics or it didn’t happen, right?)  These Second Life Photographers donate their time and expertise to The Roleplay Trail and have our eternal gratitude for all they do!

Aly Evanier

Aly Evanier is a veteran of Second Life. Aly is a builder, scripter, texturer, and creator and has been employed by several Roleplay sims. She has a eye for beauty and occasionally a complete obsession with fixing all the prims around her. She likes long walks through dark forests with questionable companions and hot cocoa. But you should not contact her unless you bring offerings of coffee, with extra cream and sugar.

Find her on Plurk and Flickr !

Rayne Mirabella

Elf Rayne Oct 2014

“Elf Rayne, October 2014” by Rayne Mirabella

Rayne Mirabella  is a 6 year veteran Second Life Role-player and photographer. She does commissioned photography in-world and has impeccable fashion.



Our editors spell-check, grammar-check, and beta read all of the posts. (So blame them  Without them, we wouldn’t have posts at all! (Pictures to come)


A diverse roleplayer who enjoys cyberpunk, Star Wars, and bad puns, Equivocation is the Chief of the Beta Readers and accepts tribute in the form of confections and Chinese Takeout.

Eliana Mistwalker

This former sim admin and notecard-obsessed RPer is chief among our researchers and intelligence-gatherers. She writes corrections and other fluffy content for the blog on occasion. But not the bios… probably.


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